What We Do


Strong partnerships with knowledgeable and established conservation NGOs are essential for successful land purchases and conservation projects. WLT is proud to have created a network of partnerships with overseas conservation organisations to underpin its conservation progammes.

The Trust’s pioneering Buy an Acre fund was first used to raise money to purchase and protect 110,000 acres (46,000 ha) of sub-tropical forest in north western Belize.

Since those early days in Belize, WLT has used Buy an Acre funds to purchase and protect land across the world.

WLT’s initial focus was Latin America, in particular the Amazon Rainforest and the Atlantic Rainforest. In Latin America, the Trust has helped protect land in Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay and Venezuela. More recently the Trust has initiated projects in Asia (Armenia, India, Malaysian Borneo and the Philippines) and in Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia).

WLT has created one nature reserve in the UK, at Kites Hill where WLT’s programme partner is The Conservation Volunteers (TCV).

In all its programmes, WLT takes into account of the need to balance the requirements of wildlife and habitat conservation with the social and economic needs of local communities.

Other WLT activities

Carbon Balanced programme

WLT gives businesses and individuals an opportunity to calculate and offset their unavoidable carbon emissions.

Green Ink

By assigning their Public Lending Rights (PLRs) to WLT, leading authors and artists from all walks of life are helping to conserve rainforests and other threatened wilderness areas and their biodiversity.

Wild Spaces

The WLT's Wild Spaces Programme gives zoos, aquariums and their associations the opportunity to support conservation in the wild. Working with the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA), WLT has created the BIAZA Keepers of the Wild programme to enable zoos and aquariums to support wildlife rangers overseas.

WLT Gallery

The World Land Trust Gallery raises funds for conservation and promotes wildlife and landscape art.

Discover & Learn

WLT’s education department has a range of resources for teachers, students and graduates including detailed information about species found in reserves supported by WLT. Discover & Learn is perfect for a teacher looking for educational resources, a student who would like to learn more about rainforests, or a graduate looking to begin a career in conservation.

Running in the Corridors

Running in Corridors is a fundraising resource available FREE to schools aiming to raise £50 or more towards the purchase and protection of threatened wildlife habitat. The resource consists of a folder packed with fact sheets, fundraising ideas, poster and an enhanced version of the Learning about Rainforests CD.

Wildlife Webcams

Our webcams stream live footage from the breathtaking and remote cloud forest of the Buenaventura Reserve in Ecuador, the Misiones Rainforest in Argentina and the Ornithos Rainforest in Brazil.

Eco Tourism

WLT supports the eco-tourism activities of its conservation partners overseas. The Trust is keen to encourage supporters to visit projects and will assist in providing advice and contacts.